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ToscaWidgets aims to be a practical and useful widgets framework that helps people build interactive websites with compelling features, faster and easier. Widgets are re-usable web components that can include a template, server-side code and JavaScripts/CSS resources. The library aims to be: flexible, reliable, documented, performant, and as simple as possible. For changes since ToscaWidgets 0.9, see What’s New in ToscaWidgets 2?.

You can see the available widgets in the Widget Browser.

ToscaWidgets 2 library packages follow the same naming convention, for example:

  • tw2.core – Core functionality – no end-usable widgets here.
  • tw2.forms – Basic forms library
  • tw2.dynforms – Dynamic forms – client-side and Ajax
  • tw2.sqla – SQLAlchemy database interface, similar to Sprox and Rum
  • tw2.yui – tw2 wrappers around Yahoo User Interface widgets
  • tw2.jquery – tw2 wrappers around jQuery core functionality.
  • tw2.jqplugins.ui – tw2 wrappers around jQuery-UI widgets.
  • tw2.jit – tw2 wrappers around the Javascript Infovis Toolkit.
  • ... and many more.

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