• James Gardner has provided invaluable help on designing the HostFramework interface to make ToscaWidgets play nice with WSGI apps/frameworks/Pylons. The sample app is largely based on a script of his. He has also provided the RuleDispatch’s Win32 egg that lives at “downloads”.
  • Matthew Scott has provided a PylonsHostFramework class and very interesting feedback from a user-with-no-docs perspective ;)
  • Elvelind Grandin has provided good tips on integration with TurboGears, the TG extension is his brain-child.
  • David Smith has much helped to make unicode support more robust.
  • Claudio S. Martinez has contributed some improvements to
  • Florent Aide has fixed some DeprecationWarnings.
  • Ian Charnas made widget ids w3c compliant.
  • Roger Demetrescu has contributed some developer-friendliness enhancements. He also contributed the WC3 compliance for widgets whose templates have boolean attributes with non-boolean values.
  • Paul Johnston has contributed documentation, removed the need for WidgetRepeater.max_repetitions, and provided a number of minor enhancements.
  • Christopher Perkins has contributed numerous patches, and helped convert may of the libraries over to the “tw” namespace. He also added an argspec cache for increased performance.
  • Joseph Tate contributed the ability to set property params.
  • Diez Roggisch contributed the JS and CSS file aggregation and server-side callbacks.

ToscaWidgets is modeled after TurboGears widgets which was initially designed by Kevin Dangoor and Michele Cella (with a little help from Alberto). Many people have contributed code, bugfixes and ideas to TG widgets and ToscaWidgets owes much to them.

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