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In the controller, import the model with the prefix db. Add this to the top of myapp/controllers.py:

import model as db

We need to update the movie method to accept an id parameter, and to pass the loaded database object to the template. Change the method to:

def movie(self, id=None, **kw):
    # TBD: load movie from database
    movie = None
    return dict(movie_form=movie_form, movie=movie)

And update the template myapp/templates/movie.kid, so the widget is called like this:


We need to update the save_movie method to check that the request is a POST request. We’ll also change the response to inform the user the movie has been saved. Add this to the top of the file:

import cherrypy as cp

And change the save_movie method to:

def save_movie(self, id, **kw):
    if cp.request.method != 'POST':
        raise Exception('save_movie must be a POST request')
    # TBD: save movie to database
    return "Movie successfully saved"

Model Details

The model file is myapp/model.py.

To create the database tables defined in your model, issue:

$ tg-admin sql create

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